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Published on October 6th, 2012 | by MPC Tutorials


Newsletter – Dima &

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Dima White Russian: When one thinks of hip-hop production, Moscow is ordinarily not the first place which springs to mind. Nevertheless, from behind the once mighty Iron Curtain comes Dmitriy Pochtarev (aka Dima “The White Russian”), a young man who stepped out of Moscow and into the Golden Era of hip-hop circa 1994.Having absorbed the sample-heavy production styles of hip-hop’s heyday, it was not until the turn of the millennium that Dima discovered his own knack for creating compelling beats from diverse source material. After a number of years spent honing his craft, Dima foundedUni-Fi Records out of Milwaukee and provided a fertile environment for musicians of all kinds to work on their music.

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When will Akai release the Next Generation Series?

We are working on getting all the tutorials ready for the Next Generation release date. When they releasing yo? It looks like it will be after August. Although we have no definitive date we are expecting to see some activity in the late part of August. I know everyone has been waiting for a while, but we are sure that it will be worth it. Remember they are going to be available at Best Buy and you can still pre-order.

MPC Tutorials will be launching in August 2012 and bringing you the best tutorials for your music production. We have dope producers from across the globe everyone with their own style and expertise. As always we are here to answer your music production questions and bring you what you need to know. We appreciate everyone’s e-mails especially since the site hasn’t even launched yet.

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