Austin is a studio musician and self-taught audio technician. Always passionate about music and instruments, at age 12 Austin discovered his passion for audio. He grew up running the sound board at his local church, and soon began to cultivate his passion for audio effects and mixing.

“I’ve learned everything I have by trying every option until I got the result I desire. Through doing this, I’ve learned many “cheats” and “tricks” to getting a professional sound on any budget and to play “impressive” pieces on different instruments with no prior knowledge.”

“Soon after that, I became interested in audio effects and mixing. The only microphone I had was a generic computer mic (the stick), and that’s what I used to record covers of songs. I would sit the mic somewhere and place the amps/instruments in different parts of the room to get a decent sound. Roughly a year after that I bought a Line 6 POD Studio GX. I started to record my own songs and, through trial and error, learned how to make things sound how they should. I would listen to other bands, cover their songs in a recording, and try to copy the exact sounds.”

Austin is now a “musician for hire” all throughout South Carolina and an audio technician for multiple venues. ~From interview w/Austin


A lot! Outboard equipment, vintage sound boards, amps, & guitars


All types of music.


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