Boon Doc

Boonie Mayfield, aka Boon Doc, is a Colorado-based hip hop and funk producer.
His beat making abilities have won him first place title in the 2009 Red Bull Big Tune
producer’s competition (the highly respected national hip-hop producer battle) and is
now the reigning two-time champion of Red Bull Big Tune – Denver after winning the
top spot again in 2010. Denver’s Westword Magazine also named Boonie the Best Hip-
Hop Producer for 2010.

He is known for his way around the MPC and tutorials which have garnered over 5
million views. He is considered an MPC expert.

With little funds and no formal musical training, he began making beats on Reason 2.0, which was given to him by a close friend. After years of trial and error and tireless practice, Boonie has managed to make a name for himself and has been praised by fellow producers, artists and music lovers around the world for his unique, soulful and funky sound as well as his energetic and positive attitude. Much of Boon-Doc’s work is clearly derived from hip-hop’s “golden age” sound as well as the 70′s soul and funk era with an update of enticing arrangements, loose grooves, swinging rhythms and playful bass-lines.

Black Koolaid, Boonie’s debut instrumental album was released on September 5,
2011. “Black Koolaid features 23 cuts, three of which sound like they’ve been pulled
straight off old Buddha and Stax instrumental sessions. Filtered chords, rimshots and
fingersnaps are the order of the day.” With the mass interest he has sparked around the world, and his unstoppable hunger for creative growth, Boonie Mayfield is surely on the verge of becoming a household name.

Boon Doc is considered one of the best soulful music producers. His beats and tutorials take you to a new level.


MPC 1000,Logic, Ableton Live, Keyboard, Electric Bass, Drums, MPD24 and 26, APC20 and Percussions


A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, The Funk Brothers and Pink Floyd.


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