Pore is a Chicago based producer with over 12 years of experience making beats on the Akai MPC Series. Known mostly for his work on the independent record label Galapagos 4, he can be seen at any given time banging out live drums and beats on the MPC pads with his cohorts around Chicago’s highly competitive underground hip hop and beat making scenes. With a crate diggers ear and a sharp eye for good records to sample, he has developed a unique approach for arranging and composing beats in a live setting as well as in the studio. A sort of “live MPC specialist” if you will, Pore has learned his way around the MPC2000xl, MPC3000, MPC2500, & MPC1000 respectively over the years.

Never one to stay stuck in a box, Pores beat catalog consists of a vast array of styles and experiments in hip hop and broken beat music. Depending on the day you can catch him working on a hard hitting rock influenced banger, a smoothed out summertime jazz groove, or a soulful beat chop paying homage to the golden era boom bap greats. Some days it might even be a Chi-town style double-time trap beat or even a glitchy L.A. style electronic piece, with Pore all you can really be certain of is that it’s going to make your head nod.

With special attention to drums and playing live, Pores tutorials offer mpctutorials.com members clear and concise methods for using your MPC as a live instrument, layering your drum samples, mixing down your beats, unique sample chopping techniques, and much more. His tutorials are also littered with tons of useful tips and tricks to help you along your path of beat making mastery.


MPC 2000XL, Cakewalk Sonar, Acid Pro 7.0, Waves Platinum Bundle VST’s, MPC Editor, Recycle 2.0, Technics 1200 MKII, Vestax 05 PRO, Records


David Axelrod, Jay Dee, Arthur Verocai, No ID, DJ Premier, Galt Macdermot, Dr Dre, The Legendary Traxter, Charles Stepney, The Bomb Squad, Curtis Mayfield etc.


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