Ezekiel, aka Zeekzilla, is an international hip hop producer. At age 16 zeekzilla began making beats & manipulating sounds with records, synths, & drums. Attending school in Chicago (1999), zeekzilla purchased his first MPC. With inspiration from Pete Rock, and the RZA – he quickly started creating his own style. Fully embracing the art of digging, record collecting, & sampling – zeekzilla boasts a collection of over 10,000 records and stacks of samples that reach to the moon.

A decade later, zeekzilla now travels the world with
his trusty MPC 2500 at all times. Currently located in China, zeekzilla travels the world digging for records, sampling, and collaborating with international artists.


MPC 2500, MPC 1000, MPC 2000xl, MPC4000, Reaper, NI Maschine, Motu 828mk3, Stacks of Vinyl Records


Alchemist, RZA, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, AG, Method Man, Ghostface, Crate Digging, Breaks, Cosmic Disco.


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